Multi Stage Mono Cable Gravity Operated Ropeway

Multi Stage Mono Cable Gravity Operated Ropeway

Multi Stage Mono Cable Gravity Operated Ropeway

The ropeway is of mono cable bi-directional type with provision of multi station operates utilizing the potential energy of mass loaded on upper station trolley for goods transportation, innovated by the experts of GRID Nepal. It does not require any sorts of external energy. The system consists of single loop cable. When certain mass is loaded in upper station and allow to fall down, the lower station loaded with lesser weight will move upward. It is the improvement of primitive bi-cable type of gravity of ropeway. It condenses some of the limitations of bi-cable type of gravity ropeway. It decreases the load ratio traveling in opposite direction.

 Technical Brief:

Type                       :      Mono Cable Bi-directional

Stage                      :      Two or more

Upper Sheave          :      Single sheave with braking mechanism

Lower Sheave          :      Double supporting sheave

Cable                      :      Fiber Core (Designed Based)

Adjustment System   :      Fixed Anchorage Type

No. of Trolleys          :      1 in each direction (fixed with rope)

Powering Source       :      Potential energy of loaded mass at upper station

Velocity                   :      Depends on the cable profile and load combination

Factor of Safety       :      >4 for cable

Extra                      :      Provision of handles in control sheave

Protection measures  :      Provision of cushion of suitable materials

                                    Sand Bed for energy dissipation

Life of Ropeway        :      15 years

Working Days           :      300

Working hours                 8hrs/day

Hauling Capacity        :      4-5 tones/day

Hauling Charge         :      Rs. 1/kg

Time Saved              :      3-4hrs


Comparison with Road



Mono Cable Ropeway

Motor  Road              (Earthen Road)


From station to station to station only and needs operator at both stations

Can be used by individual and door to door services

Transportation Items

Only for goods transportation

Goods as well as human through vehicles



Air pollution duration operation

Environmental Issue


Higher possibility of desertification as easy access to forest

Topographic and Natural Degradation Susceptibility


Higher destruction of trees and herbs during construction and higher possibilities of triggering landslide in future


Can be operated throughout the year

Vehicles cannot be operated in monsoon season



1 km ropeway covers 5-6 km road

Construction Cost

Rs. 1,600,000.00 to Rs. 1,800,000.00 per km

Rs. 3,000,000.00 to Rs. 4,000,000.00 per km


Does not require any

Required fossil fuels



Responsible in air pollution

Operation Cost

Rs. 1/kg



As is goods ropeway, human causalities is negligible

Higher chance of human causalities on accidents

Time Taken

3-4 minutes

30-40 minutes















Gravity operated ropeway is eco friendly technology. It neither uses any fuel nor emits any sorts of harmful substances in environment and much cheaper. Besides that if road is to be provided in hilly area, only green road is constructed which is operated on dry season only and costlier. Despite of having road, again the needy people have to carry the agro products on their forehead up to market or all-weather road during monsoon. The construction of gravity operated ropeway conceal problem of load carrying for the villagers throughout the year. The implementation of appropriate communication system facilitates conveyance of vital necessities in the village of rendering the system highly effective. It reduces the individual traveling to the markets to fetch necessary products and can engage in other productive activities. The villagers use their children maximum in conveying necessary material from market and to the markets. The implementation of ropeway reduces this problem and promote in educational affluence of children.  In addition, women also get relives and can use their time in other sectors as sanitation, personal hygiene and profit making works.



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