Sales Proficiency

We bring one of the most well research theory in personality assessment, especially Superb sales skills don’t always come naturally to everyone. What makes a super sales person is a much talked about topic but 90% of professionals are under the false assumption that the ability to speak is what determines your sales proficiency. Sales competency has many behavioral indicators and we know how complex this could be, so in our extensive research we boiled everything down to few crucial indicators like active listening, achievement drive, needs analysis, relationship management, communication etc. The tool takes into account all inputs and scores these indicators to set a right foundation for development.

How it empowers companies and organizations

  1. It helps employer to screen applicants during recruitment
  2. It helps companies to map (measure) competency/proficiency of their sales force and develop strategies for training and development for areas that an employee is lacking.
    This way every human resource is becomes a proficient sales force and help in the growth of the company.