Local Wind Pumping

With technical assist of (ITD Nepal) a local wind pump is successfully tested and developed ,which is suitable for Terai region of Nepal.And Environmental Conservation Camp Awareness(ECCA) support us for building second local pump at Siraha District.

Local Wind Pumping

Established of windmill for ground water pumping (Multi Blade System) at Biratnagar with the support of Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC)

Easy and Safe Tuin

Easy and Safe TuinIt is alternative cable based river crossing technology evolution of conventional type of river crossing system traditionally named as Korke, tuin, Khirkhire etc.

Multi Stage Mono Cable Gravity Operated Ropeway

Multi Stage Mono Cable Gravity Operated RopewayThe ropeway is of mono cable bi-directional type with provision of multi station operates utilizing the potential energy of mass loaded on upper station trolley for goods transportation, innovated by the experts of GRID Nepal.....

Mechanized Bridge

Mechanized BridgeIt is a bicable bidirectional type of ropeway technology operates under motor power design and builds by the engineers of Nepal using locally available materials.....

Nepal Development Marketplace 2005 Concludes

Nepal Development Marketplace 2005 Concludes Some of the winning proposals ranged from an array of sectors, including empowerment of women, food security, access to water and sanitation, health, and education. For example, one of the winners was a project to design, fabricate, and erect a mechanized bridge over the Seti River, connecting farmers living in a remote village to traders and road access on the other side of the river.

देशकै पहिलो यान्त्रिक पुल

देशकै पहिलो यान्त्रिक पुल ग्रिड नेपाल, इन्टि्रग्रेटेड टेक्नोलोजी डेभलोपमेन्ट नेपाल प्रा.लि (रोपवे नेपाल प्रालि) ले उक्त पुल निर्माणका लागि सहयोग गरेको र प्राविधिक सहयोग नेपाली पानी सदुपयोग फाउन्डेसन प्रा.लि.ले गरेको थियो । करिब ५५ लाख रुपियाामा निर्माण सम्पन्न भएको यस पुलको निर्माणकार्य २०६१ सालमा सुरु भएको थियो । ५२० मिटर लामो सेती नदीमाथिको यस पुलबाट भरपोखरी-१ पुणीटार र कोत्रेका गरी करिब पााच सय घरका तीन हजार बासिन्दा लाभान्वित भएका छन् ।


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