Our Science

We use organizational science, psychology, and artificial intelligence to measure competency dimensions for sales and management specific roles.

We use organizational science, psychology, and machine learning to measure key soft skills and behavioral dimensions. The Ntalents 30-min evaluation uses a multi-method approach where many different formats of data are collected in an interactive audio-visual evaluation environment. The questions are designed using projective testing techniques and it is interpreted using computer vision and text analysis algorithms.

This method delivers profound insights because, unlike traditional psychometric and personality tests, the Ntalents assessment measures the skills in a audio-visual simulated environment, rather than depending on lengthy survey-like questionnaires.

The genius of this method is that the questions are ambiguous to the understanding of any individual and hence overcomes the barrier of socially desirable answers.

  • Evaluation process is designed to be lean
  • Dashboards deliver profound insights
  • Uses cutting-edge technology for bias-free evaluation

Our evaluation framework is scientifically designed and is the most accurate and context-relevant solution in the international market. The results are immediately actionable and there is no need of external interpreters.