Group for Rural Infrastructure Development Nepal, (GRID Nepal) was established with the aim to promote the rural livelihood through rural as well as social infrastructure development like health, sanitation, primary education etc. Since the establishment it has been focusing on the sustainable development through the community oriented approach to improve and empower the living condition of the rural community. The NGO was established with the group interests of the experienced personnel from the varied sectors such as education, poverty alleviation, engineering and other fields. The NGO was registered in District Administrative Office, Kathmandu in BS 2059 and is also registered in the Social Welfare Council (2059).It has also got affiliation from the NGO federation of Nepal.

It is the well known fact that development of the infrastructure only cannot improve the living condition of people in the area unless they feel the need and are involved in it. So, awareness is one of the basic and effective tools for such rural communities to feel the need; development of infrastructure in such area is essential to nation development. So GRID Nepal believes on the nation development in following steps.

  • 80% of the people in Nepal live in rural areas and among them prominent number represent women and alienated groups, so to raise the national development indicator; those village have to be given due respect.
  • To raise the living standard of the rural/remote areas, first they should be empowered so that they can feel what is the real development? What are their role and responsibilities? How the state can assist them?
  • GRID Nepal gives priority in building rural infrastructures with effective awareness programs simultaneously in such marginalized communities.
  • Improving the indigenous technologies in environment friendly concept and bridging/innovating it with modern technology in local area would be effective and real.



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