Hot water pasteurization of substrate for oyster mushroom farming

At present the farmers cultivating oyster mushroom in Nepal is using primitive method of steaming substrate that is boiling water in oil drum using traditional firewood fueled cook stove which is inefficient and polluting. The proposed methodology for pasteurization of the substrate will replace the need for burning firewood thus decreasing the production of CO2 gas. The main objective of the project is to develop an alternative device and method of pasteurization of paddy straw (Substrate) for oyster mushroom cultivation, (Solar water heater based pasteurization system).

The specific objectives are:

• To reduce carbon dioxide by replacing fuel wood based pasteurization process by solar thermal based pasteurization system.

• To enhance substrate pasteurization methodology to increase mushroom cultivation productivity.

• To raise awareness about clean technology and use of renewable energy based production system.

• To commercialize solar thermal based pasteurization technology. 


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